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Stompetoren cumin cheese

The same full creamy taste, supplemented with cumin. Available from young to old.

Stompetoren cumin cheese

Cumin has been known for centuries. For example, next to the tomb of Toet-ankh-Amon there was a bottle of cumin oil. That grave was built at least 5 millennia ago. Cumin seeds contain many healthy substances: for example, there is a lot of iron. CONO has also been making cheese with cumin seeds for quite some time now, and Stompetoren cheese is one of the few who can count this product as part of its range. The soft creamy structure of the cheese, complemented by the nutty taste of the cumin seeds, creates a delicious taste sensation, which only gets better as the cheese ages. Stompetoren cumin is available from young to old.

Cumin seeds contain much healthy substances. For example: iron.’

Stompetoren cumin cheese 35+

Stompetoren cheese now has a large national reputation. However, many people do not know that Stompetoren cheeses are available with additions. One of these cheeses is the Stompetoren 35+ cumin. The young mature cheese has less fat. Fresh cumin seeds are added to the milk during cheese making. This brings together two great flavors: fresh cumin seeds and perhaps the tastiest 35+ cheese in The Netherlands.

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