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May we introduce our
exclusive cheese?

Welcome to the website of Stompetoren cheese. Stompetoren is an exclusive cheese, produced by the CONO cheesemakers in the North of Holland. The cheeses are ripening at the ripening factory of family Remijn. This ripening factory is most probably the best of The Netherlands, due to the special ripening conditions. The cheeses do have an exclusive high quality and a full and creamy taste.

Where we are from

Cooking with Stompetoren

You can also use Stompetoren cheeses for a salad, as fondue or on top of the hamburger. Cheese is so much more than just a bread additive.

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Favorite recipes

Smoked Deviled Eggs

A delicious small bite. The taste is renewing and surprising with Stompetoren old cheese.
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Chili burritos

The classic Stompetoren Young Matured cheese from North Holland shines in this classic dish from Mexico.
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Broccoli bake

With Stompetoren Extra Matured. You have never tasted broccoli this good. To lick your fingers.
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Our cheeses

What kind of cheese do you like? Do you like the creamy taste of the young matured Stompetoren, or would you prefer the strong taste of the 18-months old Grand Cru?

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Young – matured

These cheeses are soft and creamy and have been rewarded several times in the National Cheese Competition. Because of the high humidity at the ripening location the cheeses are very creamy and do melt at the tongue.

Extra matured – old

These cheeses have been ripening for 7 months untill one year. During this ripening period the cheeses are checked several times by the ripening experts. The cheeses do still have the creamy bite, but the taste is full and strong. The old cheese also do have the white ripening crystals.

Grand Cru

The Stompetoren Grand Cru is the cheese that the ripening experts are most proud of. It has been ripening for 18 months and has a strong, salty taste. The cheese is still slicable and has a lot of ripening crystals. It is really irresistibly delicious for old-cheeselovers, especially in combination with a glass of port.

Cumin cheese

The soft creamy texture of Stompetoren cheese, combined with fresh cumin seeds gives the cheese a nice, nutty flavour. The older cheese gets, the better the taste becomes.

35+ cheese

For those who have to / want to eat less fat our Stompetoren 35+ is a very good alternative. Because of the special recipe the cheeses do have their own specific taste and are still creamy. There is also a Stompetoren 35+ cheese with cumin or herbs.

Less salt

Allthough the Stompetoren cheese do have less salt than average, there is also a Stompetoren cheese with less salt. These cheeses do ripe for two months so they can develop the right taste. Low salt, but a lot of taste.

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