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Stompetoren less salt

Although the Stompetoren cheeses contain little salt anyway, a special variant has been developed with even less salt.

Stompetoren less salt

For years there has been attention for Dutch salt consumption. Studies on the prevention of certain cardiovascular diseases regularly appear by reducing salt consumption. Especially for the people who have to or want to pay attention to their salt consumption, a cheese has been developed with less salt: the Stompetoren less salt. This Stompetoren type also comes from the CONO cheese factory. Although cheese from this cheese factory already contains less salt, a special cheese has also been developed. The cheeses ripen for about two months until they have the right taste. The cheese is nicely creamy in taste and smooth in texture.

Stompetoren less salt has been specially developed for people who want or have to pay attention to their salt consumption.’

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