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Stompetoren 35+ cheese

Light products usually do have a negative image, but Stompetoren 35+ is an example of a very good light product. Due to the secret recipe of the cheese makers and the special ripening conditions the Stompetoren 35+ cheese contains its creamy taste. Especially the older Stompetoren 35+ cheeses do have a lot of fans who just buy it for the taste. Do you want to know why?

Stompetoren 35+ young matured

For those wo want to / have to consume less fat we do have a good alternative: Stompetoren 35+. These are made with special recipe at CONO cheesemakers. Allthough you would expect it to have less taste as the regular Stompetoren cheeses, the Stompetoren 35+ actually surprises most people. Especially the young matured cheese is very creamy and has a nice soft taste.

”Despite of the lower fat percentage Stompetoren 35+ young matured does have a soft and creamy bite.’

Stompetoren 35+ matured

The Stompetoren 35+ mature cheese also matured naturally for 3-4 months. Like the 48+ brother, this is everyone’s friend. The cheeses are nicely smooth and have a round, full flavor. The true experts recognize a small sweetness in the taste.

‘The Stompetoren 35+ extra matured has a strong but also sweet taste.’

Stompetoren 35+ extra matured

The Stompetoren 35+ extra mature is the most sold variant in the 35+ series. The cheeses mature for about 7-8 months in the special climate in the ripening warehouse. This climate is comparable to the clean air high in the mountains. Because of the special preparation according to a secret recipe, the cheese even gets a little sweet, which is known in this cheese. Thanks to the special maturation, the cheese is absolutely not dry and does not compromise the cheese for a 48+ cheese. Delicious spicy taste and addictively delicious!

Recipes with these cheeses

Autumn Wedge Salad

A delicious autumn salad with the creaminess of Stompetoren Light Extra Matured cheese.
meer ...

Grilled vegetable snacks

The well-known trio of aubergine, courgette and tomato is given a new shine with Stompetoren Light Matured.
meer ...

Stompetoren 35+ old

An old version is also available in the Stompetoren 35+ series. This cheese is about a year old and has already managed to make many fans. Often ‘light old’ is associated with ‘hard and dry’, but this Stompetoren 35+ old proves the opposite. The cheese has a sweet spicy taste and has large crystals. A beautiful and fully-fledged addition to the Stompetoren series.

‘Our cheeses have gathered a large group of ‘addicts’. Once you have eaten Stompetoren, you do not want any other cheese anymore.’

Stompetoren 35+ herbs

The Stompetoren 35+ herbs is a relatively unknown species. These young mature cheeses are made with a special spice mix of a number of garden herbs. This herb mix has been a secret mix for decades, which explains the unique flavor of the cheese. The cheeses ripen for about two months and develop a delicious, spicy taste with a full aftertaste.

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