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Stompetoren young – matured

Delicious creamy cheese with a full flavor. Suitable for the sandwich, but also as a block or in dishes.

Stompetoren young

The young Stompetoren cheese is around four weeks old. These cheeses are soft and creamy. During the ripening the cheeses have to be turned on the shelfs several times a week to keep the round shape. Hereby they are handled with great care. When you taste the young cheese it almost melts on your tongue like butter.

Recipes with these cheeses

BBQ Sloppy Joe

Impossible to eat properly. And impossible to stay away from.
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Burgers with sautéed mushrooms

Thin slices of Stompetoren Matured cheese make a hamburger more haute cuisine than fast food.
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Chili burritos

The classic Stompetoren Young Matured cheese from North Holland shines in this classic dish from Mexico.
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Stompetoren young matured

The young matured Stompetoren has been ripening for around two months. During the eight weeks the cheese have been handled with great care by the cheese experts. Due to the special humidy in the ripening factory the cheeses do keep their creamy taste and bite. The Stompetoren young matured has been nominated and rewarded in the National Cheese Contest.

‘The young matured Stompetoren has been nominated and rewarded in the national cheese contest.’

Stompetoren matured

Stompetoren matured is the best sold cheese of the collection. Those cheeses have been ripening for 3-4 months and have developed a nice full taste. The matured cheese goes with pretty much everything and is loved by anyone. It even has won the title of ‘Best cheese of The Netherlands’.

Stompetoren matured symbolizes creaminess and a beautifully full flavor.’

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